I graduated (M.Sc.) in "Engineering of computing systems" at Politecnico di Milano.
But I'm mainly a Geek (or a nerd, as you prefer) which likes to expand his knowledge mainly around computers.
If you want more details, I generally prefer to work with open-source software and I like system administration-related activities and interesting coding tasks.
I'm from Milan, Italy but I live in Switzerland.

Projects (or parts of)

  • Rework of BOSPbuilding system adding Kconfig and cross compilations support (project for ES and RTOS course in Polimi)
  • extensible Differential Power Analysis calculator(project for Cryptography and Security of Digital Devices course in Polimi)
  • adminaudit - Audit sysadmin activity on MySQL databases. Plugin for MySQL >=5.5. Can log connections or connections and queries.
  • CHOOSEIF- Balance outgoing network traffic between different interfaces at layer 3 (no, that's not bonding. You can balance traffic between two different ISPs without having your own AS) (project for Software platforms for networking course in Polimi, with Giovanni Matteo Fumarola)
  • grub setpart- Rewrite the partition table...within Grub2! With some scripts to facilitate USB multiboot by simply storing ISO files contiguously in a filesystem. It's just a working prototype. Sorry, full description only in Italian.
  • GlacierSDBTool- Upload data from standard input to Amazon Glacier. Save metadata on Amazon SimpleDB. Fits perfectly with "zfs send". Needs more testing and documentation.


This list might not be complete.
Here you can find an excerpt of what's on my mind:

Random thoughts

  • I'm a member of the Tower of Hanoiteam. We are students of Politecnico di Milano and participate in security contests like DEFCON Quals, RuCTFe, iCTF,etc...
  • Tower of Hanoi has organized the PoliCTFsecurity competition. I've taken care of networking, scoreboard and part of the challenges.I've also took care of a lot of non-technical issues :)
  • There is an association of students called Politecnico Open unix Labsfull of out of ordinary geeks, which have taught me a lot.
  • Publications:


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